Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in our skin care treatments! The Bluebell Skin Care approach to facials differs from other spas because our treatments are all-inclusive. Our philosophy is that skin care treatments should be enjoyable and accessible, so you don’t need to upgrade or buy add-ons to customize your treatment. We take all the guess work out of selecting the right facial for you by including all of our eligible treatments and devices into the cost of the facial.

The inspiration for this all-inclusive model was my own frustrating experience deciphering spa menus during my last trip to Las Vegas. There were too many options and too many add-ons at the resort spas, and I was completely overwhelmed! I could only imagine what the everyday customer goes through if I–the professional–couldn’t make sense out of that gobbledygook! Just as frustrating was not knowing how much my service was going to cost after all the add-ons. I walked away from that experience with the determination to never make my own customers feel the same way. Hence, I decided to diverge from typical spa pricing schemes and opt for a simpler model.

On the surface, our facials seem to cost more than the average downtown facial, but what you get for your money far exceeds what you receive in a typical facial. Our facials are technology-based and use clinical treatments that are scientifically engineered and tested with superior, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Some of our sophisticated devices are also listed under the Advanced Treatments of our menu. If you take a look at the menu, you’ll see that just two advanced treatments already exceed the cost of the full clinical facial, which includes anywhere from 2-4 upgrades. I can guarantee that the typical, generic facial will not include hydrodermabrasion, microcurrent, dermaplaning, eye-brightening treatments, hi-frequency, galvanic, iontophoresis, or chemical peels without charging extra for them. I also carry numerous specialized clinical treatments that you don’t see listed on my menu (such as infusions and eye treatments, among many) because I did away with the entire add-ons section! (The only two treatments that don’t qualify as facial options are micro-needling and PCA Peels, because those services are much too intense to couple safely with other treatments in the same session.) When you also take into account my expertise as a physician-trained licensed master esthetician with teaching experience and clinical work experience, the all-inclusive pricing of the clinical facial treatments are actually fantastic deals.

If you’re wary of being nickel-and-dimed or have difficulty navigating convoluted spa menus (and I don’t blame you–they’re just too much sometimes!), check us out. Our aim is to provide you the best treatments for your skin without the jargon and without the upsells. I really hope that you enjoy the treatments as much as I enjoy putting them together for you!

Warmest wishes,