People often like to combine a brow wax or a lip wax with facials, but is it the best thing to do? There are certainly a few things to consider to make sure that the quality of the facial isn’t diminished in the sake of efficiency.

First, remember that most forms of hair removal are exfoliating. Both sugaring and waxing take off skin, so exfoliating treatments such as peels or microdermabrasion will need to avoid the waxed areas.

Secondly, waxing and sugaring also remove vellus hair, or “peach fuzz.” Removing this downy, baby-fine hair might trigger the immune system into entering “fight mode.” If you’ve ever had those itchy bumps that go away by the end of the day after waxing the brows or lips, you’ve experienced this, as those bumps were histamine-induced. Very sensitive skin won’t be able to tolerate some anti-aging or stimulating treatments after waxing for this reason.

If the area around your brows or the area above your lips are an anti-aging concern for you, it might be best to separate the two treatments and save your waxing for another day (preferably 72 hours before or 72 hours after your facial to be on the safe side). If they’re not very serious concerns for you to address at your facial, then go ahead and book the waxing/sugaring at the same time!

And, as always, let your skin care therapist know if you’re taking any skin-related prescriptions, are on Retin-A, or if you’re using any peeling or exfoliating products at home to avoid complications with any waxing appointment.