Move over, Maybelline. Our goal is to make you look like some genetically superior lash goddess

who was, indeed, born with it.

Why come to us? Our lash master has a decade of experience, has trained under industry greats such as Russian lash queens Loreta Jasiolionyte and Irina Levchuk, and has herself served as an international lash competition judge. She's also a classic and volume lash educator.

We offer both classic and Russian volume lashes, and while both styles work on everybody, we especially recommend Russian Volume for ladies who have sparse lashes. Our lashes are always gorgeous, always tasteful, and always safe.

Not into extensions? Try a lash lift and tint!


2-3hrs, $195+

Full sets are the beginning of your journey into lash extensions! Please allow sufficient time for full sets (~2hrs for classic, ~3hrs for Russian volume). 

Please arrive without eye makeup!


60+min, $85+

These are touch ups appointments, booked every 2-3 weeks after your full set to maintain your lashes. (Important: if you are coming with lashes from another salon, you'll be booked a longer fill.)

Tip: These appointments are efficient! To maximize your appointment, please show up on time and with clean lashes.


60-90min, $80+

Hate curling your lashes? A lash lift will solve that problem for a couple of months.


Plump & Glaze* - $30

Tint** - $25

Tint, Plump, Glaze - $50

*Plump & glazing are a conditioning and keratin treatment that's highly recommended to add to all lift services to maintain the health of the eyelashes.

**Tinting will enhance color for a couple of weeks. (Glazing is a light keratin treatment that also will darken the lashes for just a few days.) If you need the color to last or have light-colored lashes, we recommend also adding the tint add-on.