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Luscious and full, just like we're sure nature intended--right? (And always cruelty-free.)

Bluebell Lash & Brow's master lash artist is a lash educator and international lash competition judge with over 8 years of experience. We offer both classic lashes and Russian volume lashes.

Classic lashes are the tried-and-true "OG" lash extensions that are applied in singles to individual eyelashes. (Our classic lashes are fancy and extra special, though--ask us and we'll tell you alllll about it.) Russian volume lashes are ultra-fine lashes that are applied in fan-like clusters, where fans of 2-6 extensions are applied to each individual eyelash, depending on how dramatic or natural the client prefers her lashes!

Both styles work on everybody, but we recommend Russian Volume for ladies who have super-sparse or ultra-delicate lashes.


2-3hrs, $195+

Full sets are the beginning of your journey into lash extensions! Please allow sufficient time for full sets (~2hrs for classic, ~3hrs for Russian volume). 

Please arrive without eye makeup!


60+min, $69+

These are touch ups appointments, booked every 2-3 weeks after your full set to maintain your lashes. (Important: if you are coming with lashes from another salon, you must book a "Transfer Fill.")

Tip: These appointments are efficient! To maximize your appointment, please show up on time and with clean lashes.


1hr 45min, $125

For new guests coming with lash extensions from another salon. The extra time allots for corrections and changes. (If you suspect damage, though--especially if there's tugging or discomfort--we highly recommend full set redos.) Transfer Fills apply to "classic lashes" only. For Russian Volume transfers, please select a volume full set when booking.