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Move over, Maybelline. Our goal is to make you look like some genetically superior lash goddess

who was, indeed, born with it.

Why come to us? Our lash master has a decade of experience, has trained under industry greats such as Russian lash queens Loreta Jasiolionyte and Irina Levchuk, and has herself served as an international lash competition judge. She's also a classic and volume lash educator and competition coach.

We offer both classic and Russian volume lashes, and while both styles work on everybody, we especially recommend Russian Volume for ladies who have sparse lashes. Our lashes are always gorgeous, always tasteful, and always safe.

Not into extensions? Try a lash lift and tint!


2 hrs, $195

Full sets are the beginning of your journey into lash extensions!

I use ultra-light classic lashes, which are applied on a 1:1 ratio. It's a perfect starting point into the lash world.

Please allow sufficient time for full sets (~2hrs for classic, ~3hrs for Russian volume). 

Please arrive without eye makeup!


2.5 - 3 hrs, $255

A Russian Volume full set is perfect for anybody who the ultimate in high-end glamor. I learned from true Russian masters who emphasized exquisiteness and elegance. (So if you had bad experiences in the past with volume lashes looking too gaudy, let me show you how natural they can look.)

Since I apply fans of multiple ultra-fine lashes, this technique lets you look like you have more lashes (not just thicker or longer), so it's perfect for sparse lashes or anybody wanting more glam in their life.

Please arrive without eye makeup!


60 min, $85

This is your standard fill for classic lashes. Most clients return every 2-3 weeks.

If you suspect you need more time (due to unforeseen lash loss, hard wear on your lashes, recovery from illness, or a seasonal shedding cycle, consider booking the extended fill.)

Tip: Basic fills are efficient! To maximize your appointment, please show up on time and with clean lashes.


75 min, $110

This is the standard maintenance service for volume lashes. Most clients return every 2-3 weeks. Please note that if you're coming with a set up on by someone else, I can fill but not fix/repair someone else's volume work.

As with the basic classic fill, please book a longer extended fill if you suspect that you might need more time or require help with makeup removal.


75 min, $100

The extended touch-ups are perfect for people who want more time to ensure that their lashes look extra special. They're also highly recommended if you've gone longer than normal between fills, went through seasonal shedding, or just wrecked your lashes because you had a little too much fun one weekend.


90 min, $125

Volume lashes look best when they're kept lush and full, so if you already have volume lashes, this fill is perfect before a social event or if you're going to have your photo taken. 

It's also the right service to book if you're going longer between fills or if you're recovering from shedding or illness.


60 min, $125

Hate curling your lashes? A lash lift will solve that problem for a couple of months and keep your lashes lifted and curled!

The deluxe lash lift includes tinting plus a plumping treatment and a keratin glaze**.

Please arrive with clean eyelashes and please plan to keep your lashes dry for 24 hours. 

*Plump & glazing are a deep-conditioning treatment and a keratin treatment that are highly recommended for maintaining the health of the eyelashes. This treatment nourishes, prevents damage, and infuses vitamins. 


60 min, $100

The basic lash lift includes only the lash perm. No tinting, no deep conditioning, no keratin treatment. (If you have light-colored lashes, fragile lashes, or very fine lashes, please consider the deluxe lift for the tinting and conditioning add-ons.)

Please come with clean eyelashes (the service does not include makeup removal time) and plan to keep your lashes dry and makeup-free for 24 hours.

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